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What is Biofeedback? Biofeedback, quite simply is any technique which takes a measurement of the body, and provides a result. A scale can be said to be a biofeedback device that measures weight; a thermometer one that measures body temperature. We can measure factors of the body electric such as the voltage of the firing brain cells, the amperage of the heart muscle contractions, the voltage of the muscles and the resistance to the flow of electricity of the skin. We use the latest Biofeedback Devices in our Lunch & Learn Seminars, workplace wellness programs and Non Profit Seminars Worldwide. See Our Lunch & Learn Seminars section for major corporations worldwide.

We can measure the oscillations of these factors and as seen by the EEG, ECG, EMG and GSR. The same technological theories that brought us biofeedback in the 1960, have also brought devices like the CAT Scan, MRI, TENS, ultra-sound, and many other sophisticated technologies to our healthcare systems.

Health Canada reference acknowledges its therapeutic aspects, and is perhaps the most indicative of its powerful potential, calling biofeedback psychotherapeutic measures for nonpharmacologic interventions

How Does Biofeedback Work?

Biofeedback utilizes electro-dermal sensors to measure Galvanic Skin Resistance (GSR), also referred to as Electro-Dermal Response (EDR). GSR measures mild electrical impulses on the surface of our skin, which change due to moisture. The moisture of the skin changes according to the body degree of stress and/or relaxation. There is a direct relationship between sympathetic nervous activity and emotional arousal. GSR is so sensitive it can even measure fluctuations in emotional states; think about the lie detector, for example. Biofeedback instruments measure muscle activity, skin temperature, electrodermal activity (sweat gland activity), respiration, heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, brain electrical activity and blood flow. There are many types of biofeedback: GSR, EEG, CAT scan, MRI, etc. These technologies are able to capture the bodies analog electrical signals and translate those signals into meaningful information through complex algorithmic software that a technician can then decipher.

Research shows that biofeedback, alone and in combination with other behavioral therapies, is effective for treating a variety of medical and psychological disorders. Biofeedback is currently used by physicians, nurses, psychologists, counselors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, a host of other professionals and laypeople alike. In 1987, Schneider found that biofeedback is effective in reducing physician visits, medication usage, duration and frequency of hospital stays, as well as reducing mortality and enhancing quality of life. http://www.your101ways.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j87WqSlRPw4&feature=youtu.be


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