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Biofeedback Flyer


Dr. George Grant and his Academy of Wellness Practitioners are offering the members of Entrepreneur Speed Networking a huge discount to give you a Biofeedback Health Scan.

The Health Scan is a non-invasive scan with a Quantum Biofeedback Device. It scans all your body systems to see what is out of balance. During the Scan/Consult Dr. Grant makes dietary and nutritional recommendations that can easily balance you and bring you to good health! As a Doctor of Integrative Medicine he has incredible credentials and experience and has served over 5,000 clients. On average the people that follow his recommendations improve significantly within 3 months. Many have improved so much that they no longer require prescription drugs.

Come to his office on Mondays between 12 noon and 6 pm It is on a drop-in basis. Dr. Grant regular price is $250 per scan. However, he is having a great deal for Entrepreneur Speed Networking members ONLY $75 will get you your initial scan PLUS a Complimentary scan 3 months later after you have followed his recommendations to see how you have improved

In addition, your name will be placed in the monthly draw for Entrepreneur Speed Networking Members. You can WIN One more Complimentary Scan which you can give to friends and family and you can help those you love or use it for your 6-month follow-up scan

Now it is easy to Be Well Will you take this opportunity for your good health?

Looking forward to seeing you.

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