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Why Biofeedback can reduce Stress Naturally?

Biofeedback has been proven in scientific literature to reduce stress that are responsible for over 85% of all diseases. Our wellness doctors at our walk-in clinic in Richmond Hill will help you with this non invasive assessment to reduce stress.

Biofeedback, quite simply is any technique which takes a measurement of the body, and provides a result to reduce stress. Stress is responsible for 85% of all diseases as documented in literature. The Biofeedback device can detect and correct stress and help our clients to take charge of their health. Biofeedback is an excellent tool for stress assessment and evaluation.

A scale can be said to be a biofeedback device that measures weight; a thermometer one that measures body temperature. We can measure factors of the body electric such as the voltage of the firing brain cells, the amperage of the heart muscle contractions, the voltage of the muscles and the resistance to the flow of electricity of the skin. We use the latest Biofeedback Devices in our Lunch & Learn Seminars, workplace wellness programs and Non Profit Seminars Worldwide. See Our Lunch & Learn Seminars section for major corporations worldwide.

We can measure the oscillations of these factors and as seen by the EEG, ECG, EMG and GSR. The same technological theories that brought us biofeedback in the 1960s, have also brought devices like the CAT Scan, MRI, TENS, ultra-sound, and many other sophisticated technologies to our healthcare systems.

Health Canada acknowledges its therapeutic aspects, and is perhaps the most indicative of its powerful potential, calling biofeedback psycho-therapeutic measures for non pharmacological interventions.



Upcoming Wellness Retreats

The objective of the wellness retreats is to emphasize proper lifestyle choices, stress reduction, biofeedback assessment to improve overall wellness, improve overall health and achieve to total balance. The all inclusive cost is only $199/night or $995 for the week based on double occupancy. RSVP ASAP drgrantwellness @gmail.com since spaces are limited and based on first come first served.

1. September 17th to Sep. 24th, Georgian Bay Resort, 10 Vacation Dr., Collingwood, ON L4Y 5G4. Only 4 spots left.

2. Sep. 27th to Sep. 30th; Club Cranberry, 19 Keith Ave., Collingwood L4Y 4T9. Only 4 spots left.

3. October 2nd to October 9th, 2016; The Royal Harbour Resort, 1 Harbour St., Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0. Only 4 spots.

4. October 22nd to Oct. 29th, 2016; Calabogie Resort, 749 Mill St. near Ottawa, ON. Only 4 spots left.



Disclaimer: This site is for educational purpose only. Consult your physician before reducing or eliminating your medications. This site has not been evaluated by FDA or Health Canada. Dr. Grant worked as a senior consultant for Health Canada & FDA for 10 years.