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By Email
TEXT 416 562 3140.
Call 905 737 1788 only if the call is urgent.

Main Clinic Location: 1111 Finch Ave. west of Dufferin suite 401. Text or email for an appointment.

Tuesdays 11 – 7 ; 1111 Finch Ave. West of Dufferin, suite 401. Book by Text 416 562 3140

This website is all about YOU. We want you to live healthy, wealthy, sexy and wise to 101+
We will share with you essential tips to improve your wellness.
Note: Our walk-in Biofeedback Clinic is now by appointment only at our Richmond Hill Location near Yonge x Elgin Mills.

Our Mobile Wellness Clinics offer Biofeedback, Bio Mat Treatments, Natural Pain Treatments for only $150 covered by medical expense under Income tax and some extended coverage. 50% Discount for Seniors & Students.

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Email:; 1 416 562 3140

Dr. George Grant, Ph.D., offer Lunch & Learn Worldwide including Biofeedback Scans and stress management.

Our Mission: Enhance the lives of our clients worldwide.
Our Vision: Take the wellness message to our clients, corporations worldwide.
Our Position: Use Natural and Integrative Medicine to find the exact cause of the imbalance.
At The International Academy of Wellness, we understand and respect the fact that our bodies have an incredibly powerful ability to heal themselves as long as we focus on proper nutrition and a preventative lifestyle.
Please visit the wellness IQ then read the blogs and come and see us to help you with your current health challenges including all medications, supplements or medical condition to find a natural solution.

Dr. George F. Grant, Ph.D., M.Sc., M.Ed., C.Chem, CBS
Phone: 905.737.1788 or 416.562.3140

Prof. Dr. George Grant, Ph.D., is known as The Caring Doctor, is considered the Canadian authority in Integrative Medicine[IM]& Functional Medicine[FM] and Canada’s Wellness Ambassador.
He pioneered the research on Beta Endorphins; organized and presented at the International Pain Conference in Chicago, IL; has helped several fortune 500 companies worldwide; non-profit organizations; and top Olympic Athletes.
Prof. Dr. Grant believes that Prevention is better than Intervention, Self Care is better than Crisis Care and Meditation is better than Medications. We care, serve and educate NOT medicate, operate, radiate and vaccinate.
Prof. Dr. Grant worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, FDA and CDC as well as in private practice. He helped clients at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto to recover from clogged arteries.
Prof. Dr. Grant is an Editor of several refereed scientific journals, 270 published articles, 150 conference presentations, 280 book/paper reviews and 10 bestselling books.

Our Sister Organizations to educate 1000 wellness coaches worldwide:

1. World Organization of Natural Medicine WONM, Toronto, ON. with Chapters Worldwide.

2. Board of Integrative Medicine BOIM, Toronto, ON. with Chapters worldwide.

3. Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine CCHM, Toronto, ON with Chapters worldwide.

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Consult with me on Maven Dr. George Grant has been our keynote speakers at our annual convention for the past 10 years.
Dr. Sheila McKenzie, President & CEO

We offer Phone/Skype consultation []on medications, supplements, nutrition and other related topics at $150/consultation or $495/month unlimited consultation.

We accept visa, master card, interac and provide receipts for extended coverage insurance.

Dr. George Grant, who is known as The Caring Doctor, is considered the Canadian authority in Integrative/Functional Medicine and a global wellness ambassador. Dr. George Grant is an expert in biofeedback, stress, anti aging and natural pain management. He helped clients at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto recover from clogged arteries as well as many thousands of clients worldwide.

He is the founder & CEO of the Academy Of Wellness.
Dr. Grant enjoys a stellar academic and a fascinating career in research. He is a scientist, professor, chemist, toxicologist, nutritionist, biofeedback, stress management and a pain specialist. Dr Grant worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, FDA and CDC as well as in private practice.
Dr. George Grant has helped 9 Fortune 500 companies, 9 non profit organizations and 9 Olympic athletes along with 7500 clients worldwide. He has over 200 published articles, 400 papers reviews, hundreds of conference presentations, book reviews and 10 bestselling books.