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Upcoming Wellness Retreats

The objective of the wellness retreats is to emphasize proper lifestyle choices, stress reduction, biofeedback assessment to improve overall wellness, improve overall health and achieve to total balance.

When Integrative Medicine was first introduced, it was ridiculed, next it is violently opposed and finally it is now accepted as the medicine of the future. Same happen to Biofeedback as the most accurate non invasive body scan that reveals the status of all body organs in a few minutes.

All chronic diseases are caused by: Stress, Toxicity and Deficiency. We will address all these at our retreats.

Upcoming Retreats Details:
The all inclusive cost is only $199/night or $995 for the week based on double occupancy. RSVP ASAP drgrantwellness @gmail.com since spaces are limited and based on first come first served.
The deposit is non refundable.


Royal Harbor Resort Retreat, Thornbury, ON. [2 hours north of Toronto, hwy 400 N., hwy 26 w.]All inclusive $995/wk + Tax [based on double occupancy]. Treatments are for 7 days. No Refund. No Kids/pets/smoking allowed.
April 22-29, 2018 4 spots left
July 15-22, 2018 4 spots left
Sep. 9-16, 2018 4 spots left.
Book ASAP by email: drgrantwellness@gmail.com to book your spot.

A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) also highlighted the need for residents of urban environments to find relief from urban stressors, preferably by having access to outdoor open spaces. Researchers explained:22

“There is increasing scientific evidence that particularly open spaces with natural or vegetated elements, e.g., green spaces, provide opportunities for restoration.

Numerous studies have shown that contact with real or simulated green settings as opposed to built settings has positive effects on mood, self-esteem and self-reported feelings of stress and depression, and can help to recover from stress and attention fatigue.”

The study focused on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which handle stress either by triggering the “fight-or-flight response” or by enhancing physiological calm, respectively.23 Students wore sensors to track their heart rates and other functions and then viewed photos of green or urban spaces. The photos were shown both before and after the students conducted a serious of difficult math problems designed to raise stress levels.

When photos of green spaces were seen after the math test, the parasympathetic nervous system was activated and lowered heart rates. The researchers concluded:24

“This study indicates that five minutes of viewing urban green space can support recovery from stress as shown in enhanced parasympathetic activity. These findings strengthen and deepen the growing evidence-base for health benefits of green space in the living environment. In particular, the present findings point to the importance of visual access to green space in providing readily available micro-restorative opportunities.”



MVP[Mission/Vision/Position] for our Workplace Wellness Programs & Lunch Learn Seminars:

Our mission:

Wellness without borders. Inspiring individuals, corporations, non profit groups worldwide to improve their total wellness and empower them to lead a healthier lifestyle. Inspiring our clients to live well and to enhance lives.

We are dedicated to improving cellular health and well being through the creation of a global health alliance.

Our vision:

Taking Integrative Medicine, Biofeedback and the wellness message worldwide, to serve and empower individuals, corporations and non profits to reach their full potential and be well to increase profitability, productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve morale.

We strive to have our workplace wellness programs to be the premier training for all fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Our position:

To work with individuals, non profits and corporations of like mind who are fiscally and environmentally responsible and accountable. To help people worldwide achieve wellness, improve quality of life and transform themselves to reach their full potential physically, mentally and emotionally.

We are always looking for new leaders to join our wellness team who share our mission, vision and position. Contact us and email us your resume for the possibility of collaboration.

Some of our existing & former Fortune 500 clients:

Dofasco [Arcelor Metal], Hamilton, ON. Canada

Honda, Alliston, ON Canada

Cameco, Saskatoon, Sask. Canada

RBC, Toronto, ON Canada

Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto, ON Canada

CIBC, Barbados, West Indies

Bank of Montral, Woodbridge, ON Canada

American Express, Markham, ON Canada

Government of St. Lucia, St. Lucia, West Indies.

Transamerica Life Insurance, Toronto, ON Canada

What we do worldwide:

Wellness seminars, webinars, retreats for corporations, non-profits, and individuals worldwide. See Our Lunch & Learn Seminars section for major corporations worldwide. We custom design workplace wellness program to our clients based on needs assessment.

We help our clients with natural solutions for high blood pressure, diabetes, pain, eczema, migraines, heart burn, and weight management, ADD using vitamins, minerals as well as herbal supplements and Biofeedback.

When you are faced with Cancer Diagnosis do NOT FEAR? The worst 4 letters word starting with F?

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

FEAR= Forget Everything and RUN

FEAR= Face Everything and RISE

Cancer is reversible, preventable through lifestyle changes & Thermotherapy, achieving alkaline pH, Full Hydration, Full Oxygen through Deep Belly Breathing.

Read my published research on Thermotherapy using the Amethyst Bio Mat to prevent/Reverse Cancer.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

If you think Retreats are Expensive, Try to take No Vacations?

If you think Wellness is Expensive; Try Illness?

If you think Education is Expensive; Try Ignorance? The Choice is YOURS!

http://www.wonm.org Dr. George Grant has been our keynote speakers at our annual convention for the past 10 years.
Dr. Sheila McKenzie, President & CEO
Live, Love, Laugh and Leave a Legacy. Dr. George Grant, Ph.D., I.M.D. The Caring Doctor


We accept visa, master card, interac and provide receipts for extended coverage insurance.

October 2-9 2016; The Royal Harbour Resort, 1 Harbour St., Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0, Canada
Resort telephone number: 519/599-5591
www.royalharbourresort.com; All inclusive $699 per person. RSVP: drgrantwellness@gmail.com