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Emotions & Wellness

Releasing our blocked and buried feelings and emotions is one of the most important aspects of the of getting our health and life back. Unless the destructive behavior patterns and beliefs we absorbed from our childhood environment are allowed to dissolve, they will continue to warp every area of adult behavior. The emotional life is like a mighty river, flowing inside us all.
Most people think of the brain as the core of a human being, housing emotions, memories and thoughts, and controlling all bodily functions. But consider this:

* The heart generates 60-to-1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than the brain, making by far it the most powerful organ in the human body.

* When a fetus is in the womb, its heart forms first, before the brain.

Whenever we find ourselves blaming anyone on the outside of ourselves for anything, it is always because we have failed to realize that our feelings of depression, loneliness, and incompleteness are coming from the inside.

Attempting to condemn anyone on the outside always comes because of our own lack of self-esteem and power; we feel helplessness and worthless on the inside and project this outside. If this remains unrecognized, no relationship can withstand this destructive power. If we attempt to hold onto past emotions, we suffer and life becomes more complex.

Your conscious thoughts and your subconscious mind that you may or may not be aware of. These thoughts are on a more emotional level and these are the thoughts that can extremely impact your life.

If you feel anger toward the world, you will receive anger back from the world. If you feel nothing but happiness toward the world, that is exactly what you will experience in return. If you feel abundance or wealth toward the world, this is what you will get back. You can see how the Law of Attraction can provide you with the life of your dreams with the proper mindset. The Law of Attraction encompasses all of your thoughts, feelings, the images in your mind, and your actions. In turn, all four of these aspects also directly contribute to the Law of Attraction. You must be fully aware of each one of these areas of your life and make sure that you are putting positive energy out there for the universe in order to receive positive things in return.

Measure your emotional blockages using our state of the art Biofeedback Devices to thrive in your wellness journey.

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