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Enhancement for Athletes

I work with 10 past and current Olympic Athletes and recommend taking high bioavailable multivitamin & multi minerals, antioxidants and a patented natural healthy bar to prevent lactic acid formation and convert fat to fuel.
We cherish elite athletes because they provide extraordinary performances. We want to jump to our feet, cheering the latest world record or impossible come-from-behind victory. I encourage my fellow spectators in Beijing not to bemoan the demise of traditional sports. Rather, let us celebrate the rise of a new age of genuinely superhuman athletes, where the rules of sports are governed not by ever-present but ultimately unreliable doping police, but by a genuine concern for optimizing excellence. As technology gets better, athletes should, too.

Athletic performance is inherently technological. Athletes use scientifically designed equipment and scientific knowledge to develop their technique.

Take, for example, the high jump. Not only do shoe companies reliably roll out the newest, lightest-weight shoes every year, but the modern technique itself is an example of bio mechanical knowledge in practice.
In this, the age of enhancement, new technologies enter elite sports preparation all the time. And more are coming, such as leg extensions using reconstructive surgery, or standard surgical procedures that translate into improved performance on the field.
Steroids are decidedly not on this list of innovations. That is because they are synthetic drugs that can radically alter the chemical make-up of a competitors body. Tailor-made treatments, based on genetic modifications, and new medical enhancement techniques promise a safer form of technology than the synthetic substances that are widely and justifiably despised in the athletic community.
Dr. George Grant works with world top Athletes.

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