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Erectile Dysfunction

A lot of men and their doctors believe that the best way to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) is with testosterone therapy. But they are mistaken and a new study proves it…

Researchers selected a group of men with ED (aged 60-74) and divided the men into 3 groups. They gave the first group testosterone therapy. They gave the second group a combination of two littleknown forms of the nutrient L-carnitine. The third group got a placebo.

Before, during and at the end of the 6-month study, the researchers measured the men’s ability to gain and maintain an erection. Here’s what they discovered.

Stronger, Longer-Lasting Erections!

The group taking the L-carnitine had stronger erections than the testosterone group and their erections lasted longer! But that’s not all…

While the testosterone group experienced a significant enlargement of their prostate glands, there was no increase in the L-carnitine group.

Nor was there a rise in their PSA levels. In addition, the men who received the L-carnitine showed important improvements in their cardiovascular function as well as a favorable increase in their lean muscle mass and a loss of body fat. (These are the same heart benefits seen with testosterone therapy.) The men in the L-carnitine group also experienced improvements in their moods (less depression) and energy levels (decreased fatigue).

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