Biography for Dr. George Grant:
Prof. Dr. George Grant, Ph.D., I.M.D., known as “The Caring Doctor”, is considered the Canadian authority of Integrative, Functional and Nutritional Medicine as well as the Canadian Wellness Ambassador.

Dr. Grant is an award-winning author of 10 bestselling books. He also holds 5 patents, has published over 250 health related research papers and has reviewed/edited over 375 papers and articles. Dr. Grant has been a guest speaker at many health-related conferences all around the world. He is a senior editor of 6 scientific journals and has co-authored books with Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracey, Les Brown and hundreds of other celebrity bestselling authors. Dr. Grant has pioneered the research on Beta Endorphins; organized and presented at the International Pain Conference in Chicago, IL in association with the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medical Clinic and Harvard Medical School.

Over the years, Dr. Grant, through his unique Lunch & Learn program, has helped many fortune 500 companies worldwide, including Dofasco, Cameco, Honda, RBC, BMO, TD, Scotia bank, CIBC, MasterCard and Transamerica, just to name a few. The Lunch & Learn program has now expanded to non-profit organizations and private industry.

With Dr. Grants assistance, Canadian and American athletes have been able to reach top 10 Olympic status.

Dr. Grant believes that Prevention is better than Intervention; Self-care is better than Crisis Care; Meditation is better than Medications. His slogan is, We care, serve and educate NOT medicate, operate, radiate nor vaccinate.

Dr. Grant served as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, FDA and CDC as well as in private practice for 35 years. He helped clients at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto to recover from clogged arteries. Prof. Dr. Grant has helped 7700 clients worldwide to achieve Total Wellness by focusing on healthy lifestyle & Fitness.

Dr. Grant, Ph.D. is the Only Natural/Caring DR that uses the C.A.R.I.N.G. Technique:


C: Caring by Educating not Medicating
A: Answer all questions about Medications side effects & Natural Supplements.
R: Reliable Service with 35 years of experience
I: Increased Vitality & Informative.
N: Natural Treatments with positive effects.
G: Great & Guaranteed Proven Results.


YOU will Get Excellent CARE! With a Smile.


  1. UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO 1995, Ph.D., Ed.D.Educational Psychology
  2. WONM World Organization of Natural medicine, Toronto, ON. Doctorate in Integrative Medicine. IMD 1993.
  3. BROCK UNIVERSITY 1991, M.Ed., Educational Psychology
  4. UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN 1985.M.Sc., Food Chemistry, Microbiology/Toxicology
  6. UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA 1973, B.Sc., Food Sc. & Nutrition
  7. UNIVERSITY OF ALEXANDRIA 1972, B.Sc. Hons., Genetics & Biochemistry

Professional Work Experience:, CEO & Founder 1981 to Present.

  1. Health Canada, Ottawa, ON. Senior Consultant. 1991-1999 With MOU at FDA & CDC.
  2. Seneca College, Toronto, ON. Professor. Pharmacy, Chemistry, Toxicology 1982-1991
  3. University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask. Research Scientist, 1977-1982.
  4. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. Scientist 1972-1977.
  5. Scientist at several Food & Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical companies in Canada & USA
  6. Developed several novel nutraceutical formulas like Liposome Sprayceutical for Total Link International & other companies worldwide.


Face Book Profile:

Editor-in-chief at Journal of Women’s Health Care
Editor-in-chief at Journal of Food Sc & Nutrition
Editor-in-Chief at Journal of Food & Nutritional Disorders
Editor-in-Chief at Journal of Pain Management
Editor-in-chief at Journal of Addiction Medicine
Editor-in-Chief at BJSTR
Editor at Journal of Physical Fitness, Medicine & Treatment in Sportspencil
Editor-in-chief at Juniper Online Journal of Case Studies
Director; Health Reform, Medicare and Medicaid at The National Coalition Party of Canada
Public Figure, Natural Doctor at Academy of Wellness[]

Wise Life: The GPS for Total Wellness.
Helping Clients, Corporations & Non Profits via mobile wellness clinics & Retreats Worldwide.
Join our TEAM [Together Everyone Achieve More]to collaborate and enhance lives Worldwide by sending an email to:

CBS Interview with Kathy Ireland in LA Nov. 29th, 2016:

Upcoming Wellness Retreats

The objective of the wellness retreats is to emphasize proper lifestyle choices, stress reduction, biofeedback assessment to improve overall wellness, and achieve total balance. The all inclusive cost is only $129/night or $995 for the week based on double occupancy. RSVP ASAP drgrantwellness since spaces are limited and based on first come first served.



Students Testimonials:
1. Although I failed your class you taught me the grandeur of life. You were not only a chemistry professor, you were a life teacher. I remember that you once said that any human being is capable of doing anything he/she aspires to do. I have grown older and wiser than before and although I am not a technologist, I produce natural cures such as ORMUS, colloidal gold, silver and oil of metals. If I have anybody at Seneca to thank for the success in my life it is solely you Dr Grant. Thank you so kindly for your words of inspiration they had a tremendous impact in my life. Every skill I have learned with you is being employed nowadays and my thirst for chemical knowledge has grown considerably. When I look back I regret not making the best of that opportunity, but theres always a brighter tomorrow to look forward to. Your positive outlook on life radiates onto others and gives others hope. If not at the moment, then later for sure. Thank you,
Gerson Alves

2. It was so nice to see you at the ODAA meeting today, after so many years. Although, I know you as Mr. Grant,
my chemistry professor, from Seneca College. It was so wonderful to hear that you became such a great doctor, who
is helping so many people. I just love to hear when doctors try to use natural medicine, to help the patients, instead of giving them prescriptions for every little thing, easily fixable with little changes in their diets.

Your lecture today was the best; then again, you always made classes so much fun because of your positive and
sunny outlook on life. I always enjoy listening about healthy and natural foods and supplements, because I also stay away from all the genetically engineered foods and unhealthy foods. I also found out something new, from your lecture, about Vitamin D. I thought that you should only have 1000IU per day, buy you mention that you can have as much as 10,000IU/day.
I hope that you can give more lectures at ODAA meetings, because your lectures are so informative and interesting, plus your energy is so great that people want to be in your presence all the time.
Best regards, Aneta Oczynski






1. How to Become More Optimistic
EXPECT something wonderful to happen every day.
TREAT people as you’d want to be treated.
DON’T waste breath fighting about things you can’t change.
CONCENTRATE on the job at hand, not the results you seek.
ASSUME other people mean well.
AVOID depressing people and conversations.
EAT something delicious every day.
TURN OFF the background television.
ADOPT an attitude of gratitude.
REMEMBER that the best is yet to come.
2. How to Eliminate Stress
CULTIVATE the patience and perspective to let go of your results.
FOCUS on what you’re doing now rather than the results.
IF you’re overworked, negotiate a more reasonable workload.
CUT your hours to the “sweet spot,” which is about 40 hours a week.
AVOID people who won’t or can’t control their own stress.
FIND a place where you can work quietly away from distractions.
TURN OFF news programming that’s designed to rile you up.
TURN DOWN projects that you can’t do well.
STOP arguing with fools and strangers online.
ARRANGE tasks consecutively rather than trying to multitask.
3. How to Overcome Fear
CONFRONT your fears head on to reduce their power.
IMAGINE dealing with the fear to make it less daunting.
REMEMBER that fear is just excitement in disguise.
USE fear to spawn the energy you need to perform well.
4. How to Cope With Rejection
REALIZE that rejection is just a difference of opinion.
UNDERSTAND that rejection only hurts because you let it.
REMEMBER that every rejection moves you closer to your goal.
KEEP other opportunities in reserve so you can quickly move on.
5. How to Rise Above Failure
CREATE goals that motivate you to achieve something possible.
ALWAYS write goals down; display them where you’ll see them.
DECIDE by saying “I must…” or “I will…” rather than “I’ll try….”
BREAK your big goals into smaller, measurable milestones.
CHECK whether you’re moving toward or away from your goals.
WELCOME setbacks because they’ll hone your plan.
REMEMBER that the only true failure is failing to take action.
6. How to Achieve Your Dream Job
KNOW what would constitute your dream job.
FIND role models and incorporate their way of thinking.
HAVE the courage to sacrifice your security.
LEARN to sell your ideas and yourself.
CREATE a plan and start executing it today.
ADJUST your goal as you learn more about yourself.
7. How to Attain Career Security
LIVE below your means until you’ve got six months of income saved.
DEVELOP expertise that makes it less likely you’ll be fired.
CULTIVATE new opportunities and record them in an escape plan.
8. How to Get More Done Each Day
DON’T take calls from people you don’t know, unless you’re working in telesales or product support.
USE email instead of time-consuming voice mail
LIMIT your chitchat with co-workers.
TURN OFF “alerts” that interrupt your thinking.
KEEP TRACK of how you spend time; that’s half the battle.
REMEMBER that 20 percent of your actions produce 80 percent of your results.
ONLY DO the 20 percent that produces the 80 percent of your results.
PRIORITIZE based on what accomplishes the most with the least effort.

Wellness Clinic in Richmond Hill, ON.
Experience Non-Invasive Biofeedback Assessment, Evaluation of medications, supplements, and blood test results.
Complete Natural Biofeedback & Herbal & Laser Treatments for Pain, stress, Diabetes, High blood pressure, obesity, eczema, ADHD, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, allergies, and more.

Only $150/Biofeedback + Bio Mat Treatment, Pain/Stress Management. 50% Discounts for Seniors, students and referrals by Colleagues.50% discounts also for our retreats.

Receipts for extended coverage insurance.

We accept visa, master card, interac and cheques.


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Although, not an advocate of writing reviews, I was beyond impressed with my experience with Dr. George Grant and felt compelled to. I was seeking preventive, noninvasive and low-risk healthcare options for my aunt and so I was referred to him by a work colleague. He treated my aunt at his Health and Wellness Centre in 2015 and I was completely blown away by his medical brilliance on toxins, his bedside manner and his duty to care for his patients. Her health has clearly improved, her energy levels have absolutely increased and she is more hopeful about life than she was before. She was extremely unsure of Dr. Grant initially but her experiences with him has proved her concerns unfounded. He genuinely cares, he is professional and he makes an investment in the health and well being of his patients in terms of empathic care (caring for), especially with respect to an ethic of care. If you are looking for a Health & Wellness practitioner whose a champion in his field and whose medical and nutritional knowledge is encyclopedic, treats the whole person, not just the symptom du jour and is truly passionate about his patients, then Dr. Grant is someone you or your loved ones should consider visiting. Check for yourself. Ms. Gamble & Doris Gamble

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Disclaimer: This site is for educational purpose only. Consult your physician before reducing or eliminating your medications. This site has not been evaluated by FDA or Health Canada. Dr. Grant worked as a senior consultant for Health Canada & FDA for 10 years.