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Note: Our walk-in Biofeedback Clinic is now by appointment only at our Richmond Hill Location near Yonge x Elgin Mills. Call 905 737 1788 or 416 562 3140 for an appointment.
When are the upcoming wellness retreats?

Sep 23rd to October 3rd,2014, Bay Garden Inn, Castries, St. Lucia, West Indies. Space is limited to 12 RSVP ASAP. $2799/person/week all inclusive.
Enjoy Total Relaxation, Biofeedback, Detox, Massage, Swimming, Organic meals, conversation on the beach.
October 5th-2014 to Oct. 12th, 2014; The Royal Harbour Resort, 1 Harbour St., Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0, Canada

Enjoy Total Relaxation, Biofeedback, Detox, Massage, Swimming, Organic meals, conversation on the beach.
How can you help me as a Client?
We offer Biofeedback Scans, nutritional consultation, wellness assessments, natural treatments for stress & Pain to help you reverse your condition with natural means as we did for our 5000 clients worldwide at our clinics in Toronto, Canada, USA, Europe and Carribean countries.

How can you help our corporation?
We offer Lunch & Learn Program to maximize your profits and minimize your LTD costs. See the Lunch & Learn section for details. We offer a complimentary introductory seminar for your company.

How can you help my non profit groups?
We offer fund raising opportunity via lectures & Biofeedback scans.

How can you help potential students to learn more?
We offer hands on courses on Biofeedback, othromolecular nutrition and natural pain & stress management that leads to diplomas, Ph.D. and I.M.D. accredited by the Board of Integrative Medicine. Dr. George Grant is an active faculty member and he will mentor you personally to reach all your goals.

Do you do research in Neutraceuticals and medical research?
Yes, we are currently involved in several research projects related to natural prostate enlargement study, research on natural management of Fibromyalgia, ADD, blood pressure, diabetes, fibroids, weight mangement and other research studies related to the efficacy of the Amethyst Bio Mat/Bio Belt/ Bamboo Salt for 12 subjects over 12 weeks.

What conditions you had the greatest success in helping your clients?
Hypertension, Diabetes, Pain, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS, ADD, Autism, Allergies, Arthritis, Prostate problems, Uterine Fibroids, Skin disorders, thyroid problems, digestive disorders, depression, migraines and Heart Disease. See Testimonials section.

How to live to 101+?

What is the Biofeedback Assessment?

Why should I avoid Pesticides?

Pesticide used by food companies to increase production and drive up their yield. It kills insects, by causing irreparable damage to their nervous systems. Unfortunately, it does the same thing to humans too!
If you are like most people:
you struggle to get out of bed in the morning
you have difficulty losing weight and keeping it off
you suffer random headaches and random pain
you struggle to stay motivated, and focused on your work
you are irritable with your spouse and children
you end each day exhausted and burnt out
you struggle to sleep.
This is all because of the pesticide organophosphates and other toxins that have accumulated in your body during your lifetime. Soak your vegetables in warm water + vinegar + Oregano Oil to reduce the pesticide overload and detox daily to live to 101+

Do you offer coaching & training courses?
YES we offer courses on Biofeedback & Nutrition as well as coaching courses that leads to the IMP & IMD degrees through the WONM & BOIM see this link for details: Dr. George Grant has been our keynote speakers at our annual convention for the past 10 years.
Dr. Sheila McKenzie, President & CEO

Can I live without Medications?

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