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When I started writing about Integrative Medicine [IM]almost 38 years ago, it was almost unknown by most practioners/public and now becoming mainstream.
When we say we Care, We Serve and We EDUCATE, not Medicate, Radiate, Operate nor Vaccinate it means we give our clients a CHOICE of Preventative Care and it does NOT mean in any way, shape or form that we against medications, vaccination or operation which may be needed in some cases. There is a place for Emergency Medicine which we all need in some cases but when it become a choice for women to do a mammogram vs Thermography or ultrasound, it is a matter of choice and assessing risk vs benefit, using acupuncture for pain or headache vs pain killers or headache medications. Dr. George Grant, Ph.D. The Caring Dr. See more at:

Integrative medicine is the best and most effective method to treat chronic conditions using the combinations of medications and natural treatments.
We have used integrative medicine at our clinic for 7500 clients worldwide for various conditions like hypertension, diabetes, pain management, structural problems, gastrointestinal issues, problems with energy, production and metabolism, sleep patterns, exercise, nutrition, and so on with over 90% success rate. Most of our clients weaned themselves from medications within 4-6 months.
Integrative medicine is the best way to treat chronic conditions using the combinations of medications and natural treatments.
We have used integrative medicine at our clinic for 5000 clients worldwide for various conditions like hypertension, diabtes, pain management, structural problems, gastrointestinal issues, problems with energy, production and metabolism, sleep patterns, exercise, nutrition, and so on with over 90% success rate. Most of our clients weaned themselves from medications within 4-6 months.
Integrative medicine got a boost of greater public awareness and funding after a landmark 1993 study. That study showed that one in three Americans had used an alternative therapy, often under the medical radar.
Proponents prefer the term Integrative Medicine or complementary to emphasize that such treatments are used with mainstream medicine, not as replacements or alternatives.
Integrative medicine is appealing and it is the preferred method of treatment by most people worldwide. Advocates point to deep dissatisfaction with a health care system that often leaves doctors feeling rushed and overwhelmed and patients feeling as if they are nothing more than diseased livers or damaged joints. Integrative medicine seems to promise more time, more attention, and a broader approach to healing one that is not based solely on the Western bio medical model, but also draws from other cultures.
Integrative medicine is a neologism coined by practitioners to describe the combination of practices and methods of alternative medicine with conventional medicine. Some universities and hospitals have integrative-medicine departments. The term has been popularized by, among others, Dr. D.Chopra, and Dr. Andrew Weil . Dr. Weil says that patients should take the Western medicine prescribed by the doctor, and then incorporate alternative therapies such as Natural Vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, herbs and other spiritual strategies.
There is no doubt that modern medicine as it is now practiced needs to improve its relations with patients, and that some of the criticisms leveled against it by people such as Weil and by many more within the medical establishment itself are valid. There also can be no doubt that a few of the natural medicines and healing methods now being used by practitioners of alternative medicine will prove, after testing, to be safe and effective. This, after all, has been the way in which many important therapeutic agents and treatments have found their way into standard medical practice in the past. Mainstream medicine should continue to be open to the testing of selected unconventional treatments. In keeping an open mind, however, the medical establishment in this country must not lose its scientific compass or weaken its commitment to rational thought and the rule of evidence.

Natural Herbs to reduce PAIN without Side Effects:

Tumeric: The most powerful natural anti inflammatory without any side effects and with many benefits.


Before the Middle Ages, Belladonna was taken as an anesthetic for surgery.
That’s how powerful it is!
Today it’s used in many cough syrups to take away the pain in your throat… as well as alleviating the symptoms of intestinal inflammation, menstrual cycles, and is even being used in the treatment of Parkinsons Disease.

Menthol: increases blood flow and circulation to the area it’s applied which helps eliminate waste in the blood and speeds healing.
Although it works so wonderfully well… most pain relief creams add huge amounts which cause it to burn your skin, fingers and eyes and make you smell to high heaven!
And unlike other pain relieving creams such as Bengay and Icy Hot, the menthol in our pain relief cream has been “titrated” (e.g. energized to produce 2x the effectiveness)

Ignatia has been used by Chinese doctors for centuries to help calm the nerves and relieve pain due to emotional upset.
Ever notice how tight and sore your muscles get around the time when you’re stressed?
This happens because as your mind gets more stressed… your muscles tighten up and it restricts blood flow… and increases pain!
By helping to relax the muscles and nerves you’ll experience more blood flow which releases the pressure pushing down on the nerves… which gives you more mobility in your joints and muscles and less pain!


MSM is included in every joint medication for a reason. IT WORKS!
MSM delivers vital sulphur to your connective tissue to form health bonds in your cells and joints for faster healing and pain relief.
Research reported in The Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine found that in a recent study, MSM resulted in an 80% reduction in pain when compared to the placebo group.
MSM has been proven many times over to be a very effective and completely safe pain reliever.

Rhus Tox

Ever undergo a surgical procedure such as getting your tonsils removed, having an appendectomy (removing your appendix) or any procedure at the dentist?
If so… Rhus Tox was most likely one of the ingredients which helped you get through the terrible pain and recover faster!
Rhus Tox has been used for over 200 years for complaints such as sprains… arthritic pain… backaches… stiffness in the joints… rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis… osteoarthritis… cramps… and even restless leg syndrome!


Phosphorous is so important to human life that in 1669 an alchemist named Hennig Brand used it to try and create an exilir to be used for immortality!
(He obviously failed, but it shows just how powerful phosphorus is!)
Phosphorous assists in the contraction of muscles, the functioning of kidneys and maintaining the regularity of the heartbeat.
… which therefore helps reduce the agonizing burning sensation you feel in your muscles by regulating the nerves which are sending the “pain” message to your brain!
I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced burning sensations within my muscles in the past and it’s no laughing matter!


Naja quickly and effectively reduces pain by heading straight to the pain-center of your body… your nerves!
Like a bucket of water covering a roaring forest fire to smother the inflammation…
… Naja works within your nerves to heal and soothe your pain.

Lachesis Mutus

The most important effect of Lachesis mutus is its blood-thinning, or anticoagulant, function.
This action enhances blood flow and facilitates the healing process by hastening the removal of toxins from the blood.
By improving blood flow it also removes your toxins which reduces the pain-causing swelling in your joints.

Low back pain became one of the biggest problems for public health systems in the Western world during the second half of the 20th century. The lifetime prevalence of low back pain is reported to be as high as 84 percent, and chronic low back pain is present in about one in five, with one in ten being disabled. Its an epidemic.

Are people just lifting more heavy stuff? No. [M]echanical factors, such as lifting and carrying, probably do not have a major role in this disease. Atherosclerosis can obstructthe arteries that feed the spine, and this diminished blood flow can result in various back problems. This can be seen on special scans. Check them out in my video, Back in Circulation: The Link Between Sciatica and Cholesterol, where you can see the difference between normal and clogged spinal arteries. I also show what they look like on autopsy, where we can see the openings to the spinal arteries getting squeezed shut by cholesterol-filled plaques.

Now we have MRI imaging that can show the occlusion of spinal arteries in people with back pain and the degeneration of the discs. Researchers showed that patients with long-term lower back pain had constricted blood flow, and those with high cholesterol appeared to suffer with more severe symptoms. Those with narrowed arteries appearabout eight and a half times more likely to have suffered from chronic back pain.

Although disc degeneration has multiple causal factors, with genetic, occupational and mechanical influences, alteration in nutrition has been proposed as the final common pathway. This makes sense. The discs in our lower back are the largest avascular tissue in the body, meaning our discs dont have any blood vessels. Thus, its nutrition just kind ofdiffuses in from the margins, making it especially vulnerable to deprivation. Using MRIs, we can measure the effects of impaired blood flow on that diffusion. Because of this vulnerability, discs degenerate far earlier than other musculoskeletal tissues; the first unequivocal findings of degeneration in the discs of the lower spines are seen starting around age 11. Nearly all kids have the beginnings of atherosclerosis by age ten (Heart Disease Starts in Childhood). By the early teen years, we can already see the disks starting to deteriorate. By age 49, 97 percent of the discs of those eating the standard American diet show at least grade-2 degradation.

Cholesterol plaques in the wall of the aorta obliterate the openings of spinal arteries. Structures with precarious nutrient supply, such as the intervertebral discs, may suffer and gradually degenerate, as well as herniate. There is a link not only between cholesterol levels and disc degeneration, but between cholesterol levels and disc herniation.

This compromised blood flow may also damage the nerve roots that come off the spine, causing sciatica. Sciatica is back pain that radiates down the legs, causing additional pain, numbness or weakness, and prolonged disability. Sciatica affects as many as 1 in 20 people. Independent of weight, clinical sciatica may be associated with blood cholesterol levels as well. The nerve roots, which are most commonly associated with sciatic pain, are supplied by some of the arteries most vulnerable to atherosclerotic plaque formation. Obliteration of these arteries by cholesterol buildup results in compromised nutrient supply to the nerve itself. That lack of oxygen to the nerve may play a role in the sciatica nerve crying out in pain. Reduced blood flow also hampers the removal of waste products, such as lactic acid, which can irritate the nerve endings causing pain and deterioration.

Sadly, low back pain is now common in children and adolescents, and getting worse. Its like children now getting disorders like adult-onset diabetes. Teenagers starting out their lives with a chronic disease. Thats why its never too early to start eating healthier.


Reduce PAIN by Music:

Health Care Reform: Putting Patients First through Integrative Medicine

Health care spending in Canada reached $160 billion, or 10.6% of GDP, in 2007 and $171.9 billion in 2008, or $5,170 per person. There is considerable variation across the provinces/territories as to the extent to which such costs as outpatient prescription drugs, physical therapy, long-term care, home care, dental care and even ambulance services are covered. We support common-sense public health care reforms that will lower costs, ensure quality health care; an all inclusive Health Care based on Prevention and Integrative Medicine and less dependency on crisis medicine, medications and surgery. This will reduce our health care costs and make us the leading nation in preventive medicine. This is the medicine of the future where we can reward people to become healthier and follow proper balanced life style, exercise and taking full responsibility for healthy living. This is a timely event since most Canadians do favor the focus on prevention instead of intervention and which will result in a more cost effective health care system by encouraging all health care professionals including medical doctors, integrative doctors, natural doctors, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, dietitians and other allied professionals to get paid only when their client becomes healthy and not to push medications on them for life. By 2020 we will have a demographic shift that will require the focus on preventing diabetes, hypertension and obesity to avoid bankrupting our current health care system that will fail to cope with the aging of the population.
Looking forward to your response

Best Regards

H.E. Sir, Dr. Raphael Louis – Leader,Advocate, Human Rights, Civil Rights and
Minority Rights Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author & Writer


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