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Sugarless Gum & Teeth

While there is an established link between sugar and tooth decay sugar is easily broken down by bacteria in the mouth, creating a plaque-y environment that is hard for saliva to wash away and which contributes to cavities.
There has been been a lot of research with regard to the use of sugar substitutes on oral health.

Two of the most commonly used sweeteners in sugar-free gums and candies are xylitol and sorbitol next time you buy a pack of gum, check the ingredients and you will see that most sugar-free brands use either one or the other.

Interested to find out if there is a link between tooth decay and sugar substitutes, the authors of the British paper surveyed research on both ingredients.

The study authors found that xylitol and sorbitol, when ingested in combination with other acidic flavourings or preservatives for example, in a fruit-flavoured sugar-free gum can actually work together to erode tooth enamel.

So what gum should you choose next time you are at the convenience store? Xylitol Sugarless Gum

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