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Live Healthy to 101 Add YEARS to your LIFE & LIFE to your YEARS!

Ways to Live in the Present is the best way to live to 101 Healthy, Wealthy, Sexy & Wise

  • If you live in the future, you may feel anxious,
  • If you live in the past, you may feel depressed,
  • If you live in the present, you will feel peace, serenity and equanimity.
  • The past is History, the future in Mistry, today is the present, ENJOY it.
  • Live, Love, laugh and Leave a Legacy.

Your 101 Ways, Living Healthy, Wealthy, Sexy and Wise

You may have heard the old saying: “There may be snow on the roof but there’s still fire in the furnace.” It means age has little to with urge. And yet, all too often, men and women needlessly forgo the opportunity to enjoy a rich, satisfying, and active sex life as they get older.

Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond, a newly revised Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School, tells you everything you want and need to know about experiencing your sexual maturity to its fullest. It explains the techniques and practical steps you can take to find ongoing fulfillment in the physical and emotional pleasures that sex affords.

Indeed, midlife can be a springboard to renewed sexual expression and connection. Some women feel more relaxed about sex once their child-bearing days are past. The changes a man experiences can be an impetus for developing fresh and more expressive styles of lovemaking.

Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond describes the latest treatments for common sexual problems associated with aging. It provides guidance for bringing understanding, intimacy, and adventure back into a relationship. And it will show you how to keep sex an anticipated, natural, and gratifying experience for you and your partner.

Natural ways to reverse erectile dysfunction
the risks and benefits of hormone therapy for women and men
the truth about the G-spot (and how to find it)
medications for premature ejaculation
ways to treat vaginal dryness
tips for making sex more comfortable and pleasurable
the facts you might not know about sex therapy
and more!
The report candidly discusses the challenges older adults sometimes face. You’ll learn how aging affects the stages of sexual response and how illness, medications, and emotional issues can influence your sexual capabilities. And just as candidly, the report explores how you can improve your sexual fitness, rekindle your sexual energy, and add stimulating variety and spontaneity to your sexual activities. ;


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