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We guarantee a minimum of 5% increase in your ROI (Return of Investment) and 5% increase in your KPI (Key Performance Indicators) as well as a 5% reduction in your LTD (Long Term Disability) and reduction in number of sick days.

Wise Life: The GPS for Total Wellness.
Helping Clients, Corporations & Non Profits via mobile wellness clinics & Retreats Worldwide.
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Complimentary Virtual Lunch & Learn via a webinar: Workplace Wellness Programs at your site with our team. Our Team will help your corporation to maximize profits and minimize expenses. We can do the biofeedback assessment at our walk-in clinic in Richmond Hill, ON or at your company site worldwide.

Wellness Healthy Fruits

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

If you think Retreats are Expensive, Try to take No Vacations?

If you think Wellness is Expensive; Try Illness?

If you think Education is Expensive; Try Ignorance? The Choice is YOURS!

What we can do?

We use non invasive Biofeedback for stress assessment and evaluation. We utilize the wellness IQ to evaluate lifestyle status for your employees and for stress assessment and evaluation. Healthcare costs are expected to increase by 10-13% in 2014 for employers. To help control those costs, most employers plan to depend on wellness programs and health plans that personalize member experiences as an investment and fringe benefits to employees. Our Seminars and natural pain & stress management are covered under extended coverage insurance.

Productivity Solution = Profitability

The 3 Massive Mistakes Most Corporate CEOs Make That Keep Them Feeling Anxious About Profitability, Productivity and Workplace Safety.

  1. Wrong Focus (focusing on traditional business metrics & KPIs)
  2. No HR Development (no plan to grow employees skills, cohesiveness, team, etc)
  3. No Employee Health Initiative

If you have 3 or more of the following symptoms? you probably have minerals & vitamins deficiency & adrenal fatigue:

  • Fatigue in the morning, late afternoon or evening…
  • Stiffneck, joints
  • Pain in your musclesanywhere on your body…
  • Occasional headache
  • feeling anxious or sad.
  • mood swings
  • Sleep disorder
  • memory problems/brain fog
  • Low Sex drive
  • An inability to concentrate on simple tasks or when reading



Disclaimer: This site is for educational purpose only. Consult your physician before reducing or eliminating your medications. This site has not been evaluated by FDA or Health Canada. Dr. Grant worked as a senior consultant for Health Canada & FDA for 10 years.


October 11-15 Tucson, AZ. Email us for details.
Nov. 2-9 St. Lucia, $1000/person/week for Hotel & Treatment. Flight & Meals are extra.
Nov 12 – Nov. 19, 2017 Royal Harbor Resort, Thornbury, ON. All inclusive $950/wk