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Relaxed Music‎‎‎

Spiritual music can be a valuable aid to meditation. Music can drown out any background noises, but also the right music can inspire us and elevate our consciousness. To get the most from meditative music we should listen with our heart rather than mind. Our mind tends to criticize and complicate things. Our heart embraces the consciousness of the music

This is some of my favourite music I use for meditation. Most of these downloads are from Radio Sri Chinmoy which you can save to your Mp3 or listen online. They are free and legal to download.

Since Stress cause 85% of all diseases, reducing stress by listening to relaxed music can reduce chronic diseases.
Practice meditation daily and follow the wellness IQ at to improve your life style to help you live healthy, wealthy, sexy and wise to 101+
While you are listening to this relaxing music, watch the top 10 most beautiful trees in the world:

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