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Seasonal flu shot

New vaccine has been created using an immune adjuvant called squaline, that has been shown to produce devastating neurological injuries in animals and has been strongly linked to the Gulf War syndrome and the 200% increase in the fatal disease ALS in soldiers receiving the anthrax vaccine.

No one knows which strains of flu will be active in any given season so taking a specific vaccine is useless but the exposure to mercury can impose health hazard.
Taking regular antioxidants to boost immune system is more sensible and effective without any potential side effects.
Possible mild side effects of the flu shot include:

Soreness, redness, and swelling at the injection site
Fainting, mainly in adolescents
Possible mild side effects of the nasal spray include:

Runny nose
Muscle aches
Mild side effects usually begin soon after you get the shot and last one to two days.

Possible serious side effects of vaccination include:

Difficulty breathing
Swelling around the eyes or lips
Racing heart
High fever
Serious side effects usually begin within a few minutes to a few hours after receiving the shot. If you experience any of these reactions, seek medical attention immediately.

Dr. George Grant, Ph.D., I.M.D., D.H.S., M.Sc., M.Ed., B.Sc.(Hons.), C.Chem., R.M., C.B.S.
who is known as The Caring Doctor, is considered the Canadian authority in Integrative & Functional and Nutritional Medicine and Canada’s Wellness Ambassador.

Dr. George Grant is an expert in biofeedback, stress, nutrition, natural pain management, functional & integrative medicine, anti aging and nutritional medicine. He is the founder & CEO of the Academy Of Wellness in 1980.

Dr. Grants Inclusive Health philosophy encompasses preventing disease, orthomolecular nutrition regular exercise mindfulness and stress-reduction. He has helped over 7000 clients worldwide to reduce their dependency on medications, prevent surgeries and lead a normal healthy life style to 101+.
Dr. Grant believes that Prevention is better than Intervention, Self Care is better than Crisis Care and Meditation is better than Medications.

Dr. George Grant has published over 150 scientific papers and numerous poster session presentations, organized 2 International Conferences, completed 7 university degrees, have 7 worldwide patents, member of 6 advisory board of several Neutraceutical & Pharmaceutical companies, member of the editorial board of 8 International Journals, 17 fortune 500 companies, 10 non profit organizations and an active member of 6 professional organizations in Canada & USA.

Dr. Grant enjoys a stellar academic and a fascinating career in research. He is a specialist in functional & integrative medicine, scientist, professor, chemist, toxicologist, nutritionist, biofeedback, stress management and a natural pain specialist. Dr. Grants work has been endorsed by Nobel Laureates, Olympic Athletes, Scientists from various disciplines, Medical doctors, Integrative doctors, Pharmacists, Natural doctors, Acupuncturists, Massage therapists as well as allied health practioners worldwide.

Dr Grant worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, with MOU at FDA and CDC as well as in private practice. He has helped over 7000 clients naturally worldwide including clients at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto to recover naturally from clogged arteries within few months.

Our Philosophy is: We care, serve and educate NOT medicate, operate, radiate and vaccinate.

We believe that prevention is better than intervention. Dr Grant support the upcoming health care reform which will make Integrative & functional Medicine, the primary health care system. Self care is more effective than crisis care and will cut health care funding/costs by half by the year 2020.

Dr. George Grant has helped several key fortune 500 companies in Canada, USA and worldwide; non profit organizations in 7 countries; and top Olympic Athletes from Canada, USA along with 7000 clients worldwide.
Dr. Grant is an Editor of several refereed scientific journals, has over 150 published articles, over 150 conference presentations, over 180 book reviews and 10 bestselling books/ DVDs


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