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Type 3 Diabetes

Type 3 Diabetes is when the brain stops or reduces the acceptance of the brain’s secreted insulin within the brain’s cell receptors.
Diabetes type 1 and type 2 derive from the decline of insulin produced within the pancreas to the point where there is no insulin produced. Yet, in recent years, scientists have found that insulin is also produced within the brain. This has led to the recognition of diabetes type 3 in 2005.

Our own research show the resemblance of Diabesity and Type 3 Diabetes. Obesity play an important link in Diabetes, Insulin resistance and dementia as well as Alzheimer.

As we age, our brain literally shrinks. In our 60s and 70s, we lose an average of five cubic centimeters of total brain tissue volume every year, but some people lose more than others. Brain atrophy may be reduced in very healthy individuals, and a few people dont lose any brain at all. Normally we lose about 2% of brain volume every year, but thats just the average. Although the average brain loss for folks in their 70s and 80s was 2.1%, some lost more, some lost less, and some men and women lost none at all over a period of four years.

Researchers in Australia provided the first evidence linking AGEs with this kind of cerebral brain loss. So, limiting ones consumption of these compounds may end up having significant public health benefits. Because sirtuin deficiency is both preventable and reversible by dietary AGE reduction, a therapeutic strategy that includes eating less AGEs may offer a new strategy to combat the epidemic of Alzheimers.

Some glycotoxins are produced internally, particularly in diabetics, but anyone can get them from smoking and eating, particularly foods high in fat and protein cooked at high temperatures.

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