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Wellness by Choice not by Chance

Wellness vs Illness
Balance vs Imbalance
Deep Breathing vs Shallow Breathing
Full Hydration vs Dehydration
Alkaline pH vs Acidic pH
Stress Neutralization vs Excess Stress
Removing Toxins from our environment vs Toxic Environment
Proper Eating habits vs Poor Eating habits
Proper Digestion vs poor digestion
Proper Elimination vs Constipation
Wholes Grains vs white flour and sugar
Healthy snacks with walnuts, almond vs junk snacks
Proper intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids vs nutrient diffiency
Deep Sleep vs Poor Sleep
Active Lifestyle vs Sedentary lifestyle
Natural Living vs Synthetic
Alkaline Water 2L daily vs Coffee, sodas fruit juices
Prevention vs Intervention
Integrative Medicine vs Medications, surgery
Long Life vs premature death

See for details.

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