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101 Ways to live to 101+

strong>The life expectancy in 1900 was 49 years. Today, the life expectancy is around 77 years, and many people are living well beyond that figure.
However, life expectancy and quality of life are two entirely different topics. You can expect to live longer largely because we now have the power to extend or sustain life through advanced medical technology. Living longer does not always translate into living well, though.
Your quality of life will be determined largely by the lifestyle choices you make today. We now know that almost anyone can remain vigorous, active and mentally sharp well into their older years, simply by adapting a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, intellectual stimulation and emotional wellness.
This fact puts you squarely in the driver seat. What kind of future do you want for yourself, your spouse and your children?
The good habits you establish now will ensure a satisfying lifestyle for more of your years. You will also reduce the burden your children face in caring for you in old age.
It is my hope that this book will be your guide to live healthy, wealthy, sexy and wise and in perfect balance to 101 and beyond.

I used the wellness IQ at for our 5000 clients worldwide including 7 Olympic athletes, 7 Fortune 500 companies and 7 non profit groups with great success.

There is no doubt that modern medicine as it is now practiced needs to improve its relations with patients, and that some of the criticisms leveled against it by people such as Weil and by many more within the medical establishment itself are valid. There also can be no doubt that a few of the natural medicines and healing methods now being used by practitioners of alternative medicine will prove, after testing, to be safe and effective. This, after all, has been the way in which many important therapeutic agents and treatments have found their way into standard medical practice in the past. Mainstream medicine should continue to be open to the testing of selected unconventional treatments. In keeping an open mind, however, the medical establishment in this country must not lose its scientific compass or weaken its commitment to rational thought and the rule of evidence.

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